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Erika bicycles as her primary mode of transportation. She stays healthy by running and playing pick-up team sports. You can find more of her writing at erikaprins.com.

Down Dog Downtown

Photo of outdoors yoga class in the park by Derrick Knowles.

At the end of a long day, there are plenty of reasonable excuses for skipping a workout: fatigue, evening plans, a growling stomach or simple laziness. But for eight weeks this summer, the cost of a fitness class won’t be ...

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Time to Close the Gap

Photo of female bikers.

Look no further than Spokane streets, bike shops and riding clubs for evidence of the massive gender imbalance across the nation in bicycling. Why don’t more women ride? Well, it’s complicated. Yet, it’s everyone’s problem. When fewer women bike, public ...

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Kaniksu 50 & Emory Corwine Memorial Ruck Race (July 15)

Photo of Erika Prins Simonds running the Kaniksu 50 Ruck Race.

Picture a 50-mile trail run across some of Eastern Washington’s most gorgeous, remote terrain. Now, imagine it with friends. Oh, and a backpack weighing 25 to 35 pounds. The Kaniksu 50 Emory Corwine Memorial Ruck Race — the relay version ...

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Bike Everywhere in May with Friends

Photo of Spokane Bike to Work Week kickoff party.

May has long been nationally recognized as “Bike Month” thanks to the League of American Bicyclists. This includes Bike to Work Week, Bike to School Day, and a whole host of bike-centric activities. Cyclists who hang up their spokes for ...

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The Washington Bikes PAC

Photo overlooking grain elevators along the JWT.

As this year’s legislative session enters its final month, Alex Alston, state policy director at Washington Bikes, recaps the statewide bike-related bills and budget proposals she sees as top priority this year. The advocacy arm of Washington Bikes, called Washington ...

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Parkour // Recess for Grownups and Kids

Straight though it may be, the shortest distance between two points isn’t always flat or easily navigable. Most people would avoid a wall, boulder, or railing by walking around it. But, argue the growing community of worldwide parkour enthusiasts, where’s ...

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Sweet Deals on Wheels

The Spokane Bike Swap on April 8 at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center will bring together everything riders need to prepare for a year of biking. More than a thousand new and used bikes for sale priced anywhere ...

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Winter Birding: More Exciting Than It Sounds

Lindell Haggin, an avid birder and Spokane Audubon Society treasurer, narrows the scope of her bird-watching to her North Spokane backyard during the cold months. “A lot of people don’t realize how many birds are around. I’ll get up to ...

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A Kinder, More Sustainable Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

A few years ago, my doctor cornered me about the smoking habit I’d held onto since college. “It’s more addictive than heroin, you know. It’s really bad for you, you know.” I knew. Alas, guilting one’s captive into giving up ...

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Ingenious Products for Lady Cyclists

Female cyclists rock at finding ways to bike in comfort and style. For the most part, bicycling-specific products aren’t even necessary. One OTM reader suggested cutting off the feet of tall socks to make cozy legwarmers. Another just throws standard-issue ...

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