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Hank is an avid photographer, runner, cyclist, and inconsistent Oxford comma dropper. Sometimes he runs to work but mostly he commutes by bike unless the roads are snow or ice covered. (A small compromise made for his wife who, surprisingly, has enjoyed having him around for 30+ years, which speaks more for her character than his.) You'll know him on his bike by the camera hanging off his back. Hank once quit caffeine cold turkey and, as a result, he remains, even to this day, a legend in his own mind.

Oregon Outback

Photo by Hank Greer.

I really enjoy the quiet and isolation of bike packing through the countryside. The Oregon Outback Route offers a lot of that. Connecting Klamath Falls with the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia rivers, the Outback route follows rail trail, ...

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Volunteer Magic

Photo of volunteers by Hank Greer.

Spokane has no shortage of cycling events. It’s great to have diverse options, but with so many to choose from, how can Spokane support them all? Well, it requires more than attendance. What goes on behind the scenes to make ...

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Riding from Oregon to Virginia Without Complaining

Photo of Jason Oestreicher by Katie Laughlin.

At 6 a.m. on June 3 of this year, Jason Oestreicher will make the first pedal stroke to leave Astoria, Oregon, as he begins the Trans Am Bike Race. The unsupported and unsanctioned race follows a 4,228-mile route to the ...

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DIY Bike Gear

Every once in a while I explore making my own bike gear. I once put together a headlight using a 12-volt halogen bulb, a lead-acid battery, a PVC end cap, and other bits and pieces. It served me well until ...

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Bike Racks Just Make Sense

Bike Everywhere Month has passed, and perhaps you got caught up in the spirit and decided to use a bicycle occasionally. You went to the grocery store. Or you and your children rode to an ice cream parlor. Or you ...

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Hand-Built Wheels Put Cyclists in the Right Direction

No sooner do I lean my bike against the fence than Matt Larsen glances down and says, “Your tires are on backwards.” Sure enough, when I mounted my tires, I overlooked the arrow pointing out the intended rotational direction. Leave ...

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Three Amigos Take on the Continental Divide

Riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from New Mexico to Canada The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route offers up to 200,000 feet of elevation gain over a distance of 2,745 miles. It roughly follows the Continental Divide, crossing it ...

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