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Janelle McCabe likes the Inland Northwest even more than she dislikes IPAs, so she drinks porters in the corner while writing love letters about riding, running, playing in the snow, playing on the lake, and playing with the people and animals who make it all worth doing.

Burn to Run

Photo of runners at Burning Man by Janelle McCabe.

Picture an XY line graph. The X axis is labeled “Runner Extremes,” and the Y axis is labeled “Cultural Extremes.” Plot an intersection point at the far ends of each axis, and you have the Burning Man 50K Ultramarathon, which ...

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4 Waterfall Hikes: Where Mountains and Rivers Collide

Photo of Grouse Creek falls by Janelle McCabe.

Like almond butter and dark chocolate, or balsamroot and mountain bike tire tracks, rivers and mountains complement each other, and the results of their couplings are waterfalls. Waterfalls are nature’s money shots. First you hear the trickle or rush or ...

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Bear Bowl by Bear Minimum

Photo of the Bear Bowl by Bear Minimum.

Every ounce and square inch counts when you’re backpacking or bikepacking. With that in mind, Spokane startup Bear Minimum has created the Bear Bowl, a small cook bowl that comfortably holds 32 ounces of food or liquid and then wipes ...

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Running with Kids

Photo courtesy Stephanie Hoffman

For many kids who run, Bloomsday suffices. At nearly 7.5 miles, it’s long enough to require training if they want to take the race seriously, but short enough that many of them can show up on race day and just ...

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Confessions of a Reformed Race Bandit

I came to running as an adult, and it happened all at once after a lifetime of loathing the activity. That spring and summer, I discovered that there are dozens of footraces and fun runs in our area, and I ...

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Off the Beaten Path: The Quirky Charm of Scottish Lakes High Camp

This was a curious dogsled. Our 75-pound dog wiggled in my lap as we sat behind our driver. Behind us, my husband hung on upright to the rear of the snowmobile, dogsled-style. Behind him was an attached sled that held ...

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Retired Olympic Athlete Serves Team USA Paralympic Community Well

What do you do when the fire alarm goes off in your several-story building in Rio de Janerio, which is filled with hundreds of Paralympic athletes, many of whom are wheelchair-bound? This scenario wasn’t hypothetical for Spokane physical therapist and ...

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Wild Moose Chase Trail Run (September 24)

The fall morning chill comes a little earlier in the year when you’re at 4,500 feet elevation, which is where the Wild Moose Chase Trail Run is staged at the Selkirk Lodge on Mount Spokane. The event uses fun, challenging ...

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Sandpoint Scenic Half Marathon (September 18)

My first non-motorized experience with the famous Sandpoint “Long Bridge” didn’t involve crossing the bridge at all but rather swimming alongside it during the annual Long Bridge Swim. During the event, I periodically looked up to see my husband wave ...

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Spokane Woman on Staff at Rio Paralympics

From September 7 through 18, the Rio Paralympic Games will take place in Brazil, and Spokane physical therapist, occasional OTM contributor and former Olympic rower Jamie Redman will be there, this time as a staff member on the U.S. team. ...

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