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Peak Bagging in the Wallowas

Photo of Matterhorn by Paul Chisholm.

The scene that greeted us in Joseph, Oregon, wasn’t the one we expected. Sure, the snowcapped peaks loomed over the quaint, old-timey storefront—vestiges of the town’s history as a timber and agriculture hub. But there were also cars—old, impossibly shiny ...

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Outdoor Recreation Economy Continues to Grow in Washington

Last July, the Outdoor Industry Association published a significant report that revealed that outdoor recreation in Washington State generates 26.2 billion dollars in annual spending. “These numbers show that when we invest in public land, the payoff comes not only ...

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Lessons Learned Camping with Friends and Their Kids

Photo of families camping together by Amy S. McCaffree.

  What happens when four families—including eight adults and 10 children ages 1-11—go camping together over Memorial Day weekend? Fun, adventure, and lessons learned. Here are fundamental ideas that helped our trip succeed.   Plan a trip with like-minded families. ...

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New App Aids in Exploration of Northeast Washington

If you like to hike, bike, camp, fish, float, boat or hunt the uncrowded trails, forests, lakes and rivers of the three Northeast Washington counties, the brand-new Northeast Washington Insider app is a wayfinding tool that provides a map of ...

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Where the Blacktop Ends

Tent in mountainous landscape.

One extra-long Labor Day weekend, my brother Scott and I unexpectedly drove nearly 1,000 miles in three days, hiking, camping, and wandering at will across a vast swath of public lands in northcentral Idaho. Our goal was pretty simple. See ...

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Back of Beyond: Stehekin Camping on Lake Chelan

Photo of Stehekin Valley by Nick Thomas.

It never ceases to surprise me that there are so many unique and out-of-the-way places in the Inland Northwest. Stehekin, Wash., is one such place, and getting there is an adventure in its own right. Because we made the trip ...

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Campfire Cooking: Over-the-fire Recipes for Tasty Meals Under the Stars

Photo: Amy S. McCaffree

Becoming a good camp cook using the open flames of a campfire can be easy with the right equipment, ingredients, and recipes and a little preparation. Here are some tips and recipes to get you started. Equipment and Tools Having ...

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Falling in Love with a Pop-Up Tent Trailer

The McCaffrees loaded and ready to go. // Photo: Judd McCaffree

Big Agnes served her purpose well until last summer. My family’s orange and yellow 4-person Big Agnes tent was acquired early in our marriage, four years before our first child was born. Not only did she come with a cool ...

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Zenbivy Bed Scores Kickstarter Funding

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, then you’re among the many people who simply can’t get a good night’s sleep in a traditional mummy bag. This was the initial quandary for Michael Glavin of Spokane. He knew that ...

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