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Expo Blend Coffee from Vessel

Photo of Vessel's Expo Blend by Jon Jonckers

The Expo Blend from Vessel is named after the Expo ’74 Worlds Fair, and the coffee is just as good as the event was at surpassing people’s expectations. From the home auto-dripper, to a French press, or even a siphon ...

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Buzz Bin: Bloomsday Blend Coffee from Roast House

Photo of Roast House's Bloomsday Blend by Jon Jonckers.

Anyone familiar with the Bloomsday route should also be familiar with the NEW Bloomsday Blend coffee from Roast House. The Bloomsday route is known for its smooth flow, attracts a broad range of people, and is richly connected with the ...

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Out There Contributor Ammi Midstokke to Give Talks at Great Outdoors & Bike Expo (Feb. 18)

Sandpoint-based writer, adventure mom, nutritional therapy practitioner, and Out There Monthly columnist Ammi Midstokke will be giving two presentations on Saturday, February 18 as part of the Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo. Her first talk, titled “Nutrition for Hikers, ...

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Apres: Moon Time: CDA’S Classic Post-Snow Sliding Watering Hole

After a day of snow-induced adrenaline, your face tingling with windburn and your body warm from hours of exertion, it’s time to find that comfort food and a relaxing drink with the right vibe. Moon Time on East Sherman Avenue ...

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Nutrition Wars: What is the Best Source of Protein?

Before I start receiving threatening letters, I would like to start this piece by making the following statement: The ethical reasons for being a vegetarian or vegan are noble and only a human with karmic moral autonomy would ever attempt ...

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Veggieduckens and Other Alternative Thanksgiving Treats

The procrastinating veggieducken chef stands in the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve eve — aka Tuesday — with a spaghetti squash in one hand and zucchini in the other. She’s trying to picture them gutted, one tucked inside the other ...

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Oktoberfest from Payette Brewing Company

After just one sip, you can almost smell pretzels, brats and sauerkraut. The NEW Oktoberfest beer from Payette Brewing is a Märzen style lager. The Boise-based brewery dressed in lederhosen and turned up the polka music to concoct a crisp ...

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Buzz Bin: Caramel Cinnamon by One Tree Hard Cider

It tastes like a caramel apple at the Spokane Fairgrounds without the sticky mess. Perhaps One Tree Hard Cider was aiming for an apple pie flavor, but the caramel in the hard cider overwhelms the cinnamon. Altogether, it’s sweet and ...

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Buzz Bin: Orlison Brewing Shin Splints IPA

Shin splints is a catch-all term for lower leg pain that occurs below the knee either on the front outside part of the leg or the inside of the leg. These splints are the bane of many runners, and they ...

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Buzz Bin: Roast House F-Bomb

In a time when words like “bitch” and “ass” have lost their shock value, the “F-Bomb” remains a strong and influential tool. While it might make other specialty roasters uncomfortable, Roast House believes the F-Bomb makes an outstanding title for ...

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