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Oregon Outback

Photo by Hank Greer.

I really enjoy the quiet and isolation of bike packing through the countryside. The Oregon Outback Route offers a lot of that. Connecting Klamath Falls with the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia rivers, the Outback route follows rail trail, ...

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The Beverage Market as a Gateway Drug

Photo of coffee by Shallan Knowles.

Both times I’ve consumed energy drinks rank highly in my poor judgment hall-of-fame, right up there with the time in college I dated a guy who thought I was his brother from a past life. Surprisingly, that was not our ...

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Buzz Bin: Hard Frescos Brewing Co.

Walk into many Mexican restaurants, and you will find a variety of aguas frescas on the menu to accompany your tacos. These sweet, traditional beverages are made from fruits like tamarind or guava, grains and nuts like rice or almonds, ...

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Buzz Bin: Missoula’s Black Coffee Roasting Company

Photo of Black Coffee Roasting Co by S. Michael Bennett.

In a town where local is the new black, Missoula’s Black Coffee Roasting Company has been the place to get locally-roasted coffee since 2010. From the start, owners Jim Chapman and Matt McQuilkin committed to serving only 100% organic coffees, ...

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Outdoor Recreation Economy Continues to Grow in Washington

Last July, the Outdoor Industry Association published a significant report that revealed that outdoor recreation in Washington State generates 26.2 billion dollars in annual spending. “These numbers show that when we invest in public land, the payoff comes not only ...

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Tinnabulation Music Festival Downtown Spokane in Riverfront Park (September 8-10, 2017)

Tinnabulation Music Festival, Spokane’s new festival in Riverfront Park, kicks off the weekend of September 8-10 with a star-studded 3-day lineup of 59 acts performing on 4 different stages. Tinnabulation headliners include John Butler Trio, OK Go, American Authors, Frenship, ...

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Midnight Madness at Wheel Sport Bicycles (Sept. 5, 6, & 7, 2017)

Sometimes it pays to show up early and be first in line for something you really, really want. That’s how, back in 2008, I ended up with my 1988 Toyota pickup truck backed up to the doors at Wheel Sport ...

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Backcountry Fashion: Taking a Few Lessons from French Style

Photo by Katie Botkin.

It’s our second day in a row hiking in the high Pyrenees, and the French woman I’m with is still wearing the chic blue sundress and khaki canvas ankle boots with braid details she wore yesterday. Her bronzed arms are ...

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Summer Bot Bike Water Bottle Cooler

The makers of Bar Mitts neoprene handlebar mitts that keep your hands amazingly warm in cold, windy conditions while biking or pushing a stroller have come up with another cool product. This time it’s a neoprene case for the water ...

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