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Biomimicry: Learning from Nature for a Better Future

Photo by Summer Hess.

Janine Benyus wanted to capture how processes in the natural world had inspired sustainable solutions to complicated design challenges, so she authored the book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature in 1997. Twenty years later, biomimicry is a key strategy in ...

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Conservationists Work to Protect Whitebark Pine on Kettle Crest

Close up of Pine bark.

In 2015, the Colville National Forest (CNF) signed the Whitebark Pine Enhancement Project decision that uses vegetation management, prescribed burning, and other methods to help improve growing conditions for whitebark pine on the Colville National Forest. Beginning in July, 2017, ...

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The Plants and Creatures That Beautify Our States

Syringa and river smells combine to usher in summer. // Photo: Derrick Knowles

Regardless of who holds office in Washington D.C., citizens of the United States tend to have a deep sense of pride in their cities, states, and country. One illustration of this patriotic affection is the fact that we have state ...

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A Bird and a Baby: Confessions of a Sage Grouse Conservationist

Photo by Crystal Atamian.

Why are the things that leave us shaking and wide-eyed with fear or adrenaline the very things that define us and that we often love with a vengeance? Oddly, this describes my relationship with greater sage-grouse. My first experience with ...

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North Cascade Grizzly Bears Could Get a Boost

Photo of grizzly bear courtesy of Conservation Northwest.

A century of commercial trapping, habitat loss, and unregulated hunting eradicated grizzlies from 98% of their original range in the contiguous U.S. Here in the Northwest, records from the Hudson Bay Company show that nearly 4,000 grizzly bear hides were ...

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