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The Plants and Creatures That Beautify Our States

Syringa and river smells combine to usher in summer. // Photo: Derrick Knowles

Regardless of who holds office in Washington D.C., citizens of the United States tend to have a deep sense of pride in their cities, states, and country. One illustration of this patriotic affection is the fact that we have state ...

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A Bird and a Baby: Confessions of a Sage Grouse Conservationist

Photo by Crystal Atamian.

Why are the things that leave us shaking and wide-eyed with fear or adrenaline the very things that define us and that we often love with a vengeance? Oddly, this describes my relationship with greater sage-grouse. My first experience with ...

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North Cascade Grizzly Bears Could Get a Boost

Photo of grizzly bear courtesy of Conservation Northwest.

A century of commercial trapping, habitat loss, and unregulated hunting eradicated grizzlies from 98% of their original range in the contiguous U.S. Here in the Northwest, records from the Hudson Bay Company show that nearly 4,000 grizzly bear hides were ...

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