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Signs of River Health to Watch for From Your Float Tube, SUP, or Kayak

Photo of trash pulled from the Spokane River by Jerry White Jr.

Our river is as beautiful as it is alive—especially when an osprey catches a fish in front of you or you spot otters eating crayfish. Then there’s the river floating camaraderie and sharing the day’s adventures over a cold beverage. ...

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Is Our River Clean?

Photo of Latah Creek erosion pouring into the Spokane River by Jerry White Jr.

When I talk to folks about the river, I can always count on one question: Is the river clean? This can be tough to answer since clean is in the eye of the beholder and can be a point of ...

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The State of the Spokane River

Photo courtesy of the Spokane Riverkeeper.

You never step in the same river twice, goes the ancient saying. True enough. The Spokane River is an ever fluctuating, complex system that changes with the community around it AND changes the community around it. At one time, the ...

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Wondering on the Spokane River and Its History

Where does one start when wondering about river history? There are books by noted authors, websites, scholars, and professors to be tapped. Native Americans possess centuries of oral history that affirms their deep connection to the river. But in the ...

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Return of the Salmon

I admit that in my rambles up and down our river I get a little dreamy – about salmon.   In my defence, it’s not hard to day dream about these great fish considering our river was home to them ...

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Record Low Flows Mean It’s Time to Adapt

I’m never far from our river, in whatever form it takes. This fall as I was waxed my skis, I dreamed of turns in deep Copper Basin, Bitterroot Mountain powder. Layers and layers of clean Idaho snow; our river in ...

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River Rambles: There’s More to “Fun” Than Catching Fish

A while back I found myself at an event that featured a lot of really exciting films about fly fishing across the planet. Before the movie, I was talking to a fellow fly fisherman when he asked, “Have you seen ...

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