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Photo courtesy Eastern Washington University Climbing Wall.
Photo courtesy Eastern Washington University Climbing Wall.

EWU Climbing Competition (May 6)

Eastern Washington University’s Climbing Wall will be holding their annual bouldering competition, the Climbtastic Voyage, on May 6. The event is open to college students from the Spokane and North Idaho area including Eastern Washington University, Whitworth University, Gonzaga University, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane Community College, Washington State University Spokane and North Idaho College. Recently hired Climbing Wall manager, Zach Turner, believes continuing the annual competition is important to foster growth in Spokane’s climbing community. “The best thing about the climbing competition is that it’s a community event. It’s a great opportunity to engage with people from the community that you don’t usually get an opportunity to climb with,” says Turner. For many climbers, this is their first time competing. “I’ve never been to a climbing competition before, and I’m really excited to be a part of the experience. I’m excited to meet new climbers, have a friendly competition and hopefully win some swag,” explains Eastern Washington University student, Katie Farmer. Registration is $20 for Eastern students or $25 for non-Eastern students. For more information visit https://sites.ewu.edu/recreationfacilities/climbing-wall or contact the Climbing Wall at 509-359-4015.

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