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Photo of paddleboarders courtesy of Spokane Parks and Recreation.
Photos courtesy of Spokane Parks and Recreation.

FUN Unlimited Offers More Opportunities to Paddleboard This Summer

On a hot summer day relaxing on a paddleboard while floating down the Spokane River is an ideal way to keep cool, but paddleboards can be expensive to purchase and often too large to transport in a small car. FUN Unlimited offers a solution to that problem with paddleboard and kayak rentals in downtown Spokane under the Division Street Bridge and at Templin’s Resort in Post Falls. Paddleboard and kayak rentals are $22 an hour, but this summer you can get out on the water faster by purchasing a season pass. Season passes offer unlimited paddling and are a great deal at $99 per person or $249 for a family of five. A low impact activity, paddleboarding is suitable for almost anyone, and can be tailored to your desired activity level whether you want to relax and float down the river, or get in a fully body workout. Don’t know where to start? FUN Unlimited offers tours along the Spokane River customized to your level of experience. For more information visit http://cdasports.com.

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As a kid Siobhan shunned the outdoors with its bugs and its dirt, but she has since grown up to love the outdoors (except the mosquitos - she never learned to love those) and has spent the past few years vigorously making up for everything she missed out on as a kid. Siobhan enjoys rock climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and camping and relishes the opportunity to share her adventures with others.