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In The Middle of Nowhere

Eating lunch at the old fort outside of Kashan.

5/8 Day 4

It is very hard to find the time to write and post entries. When I do theInternet speeds are usually like dial up. Sorry I can’t do more.

Today we left Tehran and drive south in a hired van. We lunch near Kashan in a 400 year-old fort at the edge of Iran’s great Salt Lake. To get there we took a dirt road, partially paved with salt for two hours. After lunch we continue on the road to see “some sand dunes,” according to our guide.

‘Some sand dunes” ends up being one of the most serene places I have ever visited on this planet. We exit the van and walk through ashort patch of desert brush land, unusually green from spring rain and dotted with fleeting wildflowers. At the bottom of the dune I look up to see this massive pile of sand, perhaps 500 feet high. Shoes are removed and we ascend, warm, but not hot, sand squishing pleasantly beneath us. At the sumit adjectives fail. I am giddy trying to absorb the beauty around us. To the south of us the salt lake, wide white expanse reaching to merge with the overcast sky. To the north are sand dunes peppered with green brush to the horizon. The wind is slow and warm and we can see for miles.

The boys are having a party on sand mountain. Shirts come off, sand is hurled into the wind, and bodies slide and tumble. There is not a manmade structure any where you look for 360 degrees. We take pictures like we are on top of Everest. I have to remind myself to close my eyes for a moment and soak in the feeling of this place. I wish everyone I know could visit here.

Me tasteing the salt from the Salt Lake. Yum.

Zach at Salt Lake.

The boys riding a camel at the fort.

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  1. Thanks for the updates and photos. It is great to read about the trip. Makes me want to travel a bit. Myra and Ethan say hi to Zack and Pam and Tom. Have fun, stay safe.

  2. Tarawyn Waters

    What did the camel smell like?
    How’s your mom doing? She looks like the food is good!

    You guys look really happy! Rock on Peace Boy!

    Hi to all of you, you’re in my thoughts!

    Your Pal,

  3. Heidi Arbogast

    Dear Daddy,
    I hope you have a nice sleep, when you come back the floors will be kind of colored and our room will be all pink and eveywhere no one will know that your the best dad! A present?
    love, theo

  4. Bradd Skubinna

    Love the description of the sand dune. I wish I could be there also.

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