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On Our Way To Tehran

This beauty is an Iranian 10K Rial note. Despite it’s elegant engraving and nice colors it’s only worth about one dollar. Right now Pam, Tom, Zach, Shahrokh, Jackson and I are all in the Denver airport waiting for our flight to London. Shahrokh gave the boys a fat wad of Iranian bills. The boys are now acting like gangsters with big fat money rolls. The forecast in Tehran is 70s with a chance of showers. In about 18 hours we’ll see for ourselves.

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  1. Very cool!

  2. hi! can’t wait to hear more about your trip. (btw, we found your charger), Have a safe trip!

    Snyders and a guy named Smith

  3. Carrie, Kurt and Finn

    Hi Neighbors! We are so glad to be able to check in with you as you travel. Your journey looks wonderful! Thank you for passing peace as you go! We miss you!!! Elm Street Neighbors!

    p.s. hi zak! -finn

  4. Pam,
    Have a wonderful birthday and Mother’s Day.
    We love you very, very much.
    Dad and Mar

  5. Tom and Zak,
    Have a great journey. We are thinking about you every day.

  6. Jon and Jackson,
    What an awesome trip. I will be sure and watch for exciting news. Thinking about you. Diane Smith

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