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Photo of rowers courtesy of the Spokane River Rowing Association.
Photo courtesy of the Spokane River Rowing Association.

Spokane River Rowing Classes Offered

One of the original Olympic disciplines, rowing is a low-impact sport that develops strength, coordination, and teamwork. Learn to row this summer by signing up for the Spokane River Rowing Association’s two-week class offered morning or evening. The first session begins July 10 and costs $175 for morning classes or $200 for evening. The Spokane River Rowing Association is a non-profit organization that started up in 2003 when the founder of Women on Wheels offered rowing to the community as a means of cross training for biking. In addition to the Learn to Row class, SRRA also offers “Masters” rowing sessions three days a week, six months out of the year. These coached sessions are offered to SRRA members with prior rowing experience, no matter how extensive. If you decide to become an SRRA member after completing the Learn to Row course, the annual membership ($75) is waived. For more information visit Spokanerowing.org.  //

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