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Photo courtesy of REI and Packing it Out.
Photo courtesy of REI and Packing it Out.

Long Lake Clean-Up with Packing It Out (Sept 5)

Join the Packing It Out team and Riverside State Park on September 5 for a clean-up of the Fisk property along Long Lake. The Packing It Out team was founded in 2015 by Seth Orme in an effort to clean up America’s trails. They started with the Appalachian Trail, and in 2016 the team tackled the Pacific Crest Trail. This year Orme is joined by Abby Taylor on a five-month bike tour of the US with the mission of cleaning up more than 5,025 miles worth of trash. Orme and Taylor have teamed up with REI and GearJunkie Magazine to provide free presentations at REI locations along the way to discuss their effort to clean up our shared spaces. They will also be featuring clips from their upcoming Packing It Out documentary. Spokane will be the second to last stop on the tour. The presentation will start at 6 p.m. following the Riverside State Park clean-up. You do not need to participate in the clean-up effort to attend the presentation. For more information about the clean-up visit https://www.rei.com/events/packing-it-out-cleanup-at-riverside-state-park/nine-mile-falls/184773, or for information about the presentation visit https://www.rei.com/events/packing-it-out-2017-tour-at-rei-spokane/spokane/174010.

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