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Fall Trail Favorites

Photo of Ragged Ridge by Dave Dutro.

Warm weather and longer days make summer a favorite time to run for most people, but I love fall running. Fall colors bring out the best of mother nature in my opinion. I love fall because the days still heat ...

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Run Wild, Spokane: The Makings of a Trail Running Town

Photo by Aaron Theisen.

Located in the sweet spot between the Cascades and the Selkirk mountains, Spokane’s surrounding region hosts thousands of acres of public lands with hundreds of miles of trails. Resting on the edge of the arid Columbia River Basin, the stable ...

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Fat Ass Runs: A Brief History

Photo of Trail Maniac runners.

In spring 2012, I had raced a couple of trail runs on the west side, and I wanted to bring that energy to the Inland Northwest. I was looking for ways to help build the local trail running community, so ...

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Dressing for Winter Running

Feel that winter chill in the air? Like many, I run on trails year-round, and I adjust my clothing and gear with the weather. Some people like to wear slip-on gadgets for their running shoes, or clothing with the latest ...

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Trail Running Nutrition

What do you eat during a long trail run? I get asked this question quite often and it’s a pretty loaded question. What works for one runner’s digestion doesn’t always work for another’s. I’ve talked to some runners with an ...

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Race Day Expectations

In my last column, I wrote about my anxiety as I trained though injuries for my first 100-mile race at Bryce Canyon, Utah. Despite my injuries, I vowed to show up to the start line and do my best. I ...

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Training Through Injury for a 100-Mile Trail Run

The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run is the oldest 100-mile trail run in the U.S. It starts in Squaw Valley, goes through the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and finishes in Auburn, California. Last year I had the pleasure of pacing ...

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Run Wild: Trail Sense

The Inland Northwest offers great trail opportunities to runners, hikers, bikers, and equestrians. I see new people every week on the trails I love most. Biped trail users (hikers and runners) can observe some easy etiquette that will improve the ...

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Run Wild: The Making of a Trail Maniac

Why run trails? I have lived in the Northwest since 1982, but I actually didn’t start running until 2007 because it was required for a triathlon I wanted to do. I liked mountain biking and road biking, and I used ...

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