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Fat Ass Runs: A Brief History

Photo of Trail Maniac runners.

In spring 2012, I had raced a couple of trail runs on the west side, and I wanted to bring that energy to the Inland Northwest. I was looking for ways to help build the local trail running community, so ...

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Dressing for Winter Running

Feel that winter chill in the air? Like many, I run on trails year-round, and I adjust my clothing and gear with the weather. Some people like to wear slip-on gadgets for their running shoes, or clothing with the latest ...

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Trail Running Nutrition

What do you eat during a long trail run? I get asked this question quite often and it’s a pretty loaded question. What works for one runner’s digestion doesn’t always work for another’s. I’ve talked to some runners with an ...

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Race Day Expectations

In my last column, I wrote about my anxiety as I trained though injuries for my first 100-mile race at Bryce Canyon, Utah. Despite my injuries, I vowed to show up to the start line and do my best. I ...

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Training Through Injury for a 100-Mile Trail Run

The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run is the oldest 100-mile trail run in the U.S. It starts in Squaw Valley, goes through the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and finishes in Auburn, California. Last year I had the pleasure of pacing ...

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Run Wild: Trail Sense

The Inland Northwest offers great trail opportunities to runners, hikers, bikers, and equestrians. I see new people every week on the trails I love most. Biped trail users (hikers and runners) can observe some easy etiquette that will improve the ...

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Run Wild: The Making of a Trail Maniac

Why run trails? I have lived in the Northwest since 1982, but I actually didn’t start running until 2007 because it was required for a triathlon I wanted to do. I liked mountain biking and road biking, and I used ...

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