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The Beverage Market as a Gateway Drug

Photo of coffee by Shallan Knowles.

Both times I’ve consumed energy drinks rank highly in my poor judgment hall-of-fame, right up there with the time in college I dated a guy who thought I was his brother from a past life. Surprisingly, that was not our ...

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Shame on Science and the Skinny, Faster, Smarter Pill

There is a phenomenon in journalism where a  fascinating scientific study gets blown out of proportion. For example, many studies show that consumption of collagen aids in health and connective tissues and appears to have a link with reduced inflammation. ...

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Foodphobia: Why Your Friends Don’t Cook for You

Photo of dinner party.

People generally want to be good and generous. I know this truth because when they invite me over, they say kind things like, “Is there anything you don’t eat?” This is not the language of “Lord of the Flies.” These ...

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What Goes in Must Come Out

Photo of kombucha by Shallan Knowles.

Let’s just begin by addressing the reality that I never thought I would grow up to be a professional analyzer of poop. In fact, when I was a child, no one even told me that was an option or I ...

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Your Microbiome: More Than Just a Trendy Term

Take a look at your belly. There is some skin, a layer of adipose tissue (some of us may have more than others), some muscle, and then below all of that are several feet of small and large intestine, all ...

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Resolving for Change: Small Steps to Better Nutrition

Every year, when the New Year rolls around, we find ourselves motivated to create change. Some of us are motivated by the 10 pounds of fruit cake and mulled wine we put on. Others, I suspect, are motivated by a ...

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Nutrition Wars: What is the Best Source of Protein?

Before I start receiving threatening letters, I would like to start this piece by making the following statement: The ethical reasons for being a vegetarian or vegan are noble and only a human with karmic moral autonomy would ever attempt ...

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Eating Carbohydrates and Other Dirty Secrets

It was some time ago that the world was exposed to the evils of carbohydrates. Unbeknownst to those of us living on low-fat, high-pasta diets, we had misplaced our fear in the wrong macronutrient. With the quality of “scientific journalism” ...

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When More Is Not Better: Explaining Portion Control to a Gluttonous Nation

Whenever those science peeps in lab coats learn how to condense appropriately nourishing meals, the tradition of cooking, and the socializing of eating into a single pill, I’m gonna buy that. But until then, we all have to choose what ...

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To Booze or Not to Booze, That Is the Question

Six months ago, I decided to stop drinking alcohol for a year. Surprisingly, this was not inspired by a DUI, drunk dialing an ex-boyfriend, or one of those hangovers that has me queasy at the thought of tequila. It was ...

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