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Should Cyclists be Required to Wear Helmets?

Join the debate at Facebook.com/OutThereMonthly! YES By Bill Bender Don’t Even Ride a Bike in the Driveway Without a Helmet! My perspective comes from being a cyclist for many years, but is heavily tempered by my experience as a neurologist. ...

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Locking Horns: Ben Burr Trail

Should the rustic Ben Burr Trail in East Central Spokane be widened and paved as part of a larger, federally-funded project intended to improve cycling and walking access? The City of Spokane will be accepting public comment on the proposed ...

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Locking Horns: Should Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park be expanded with a new lift and runs on the backside of Mount Spokane?

Welcome to the first round of Out There Monthly’s new “Locking Horns” department. Here we will be giving passionate advocates for different approaches to various recreation and natural resource issues a chance to go head-to-head with words meant to inform ...

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