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Road Trip 2024

Unity, Oregon, was deserted, except for the lone old man on the porch of a ramshackle building who tipped his hat in my direction as I passed by with a terrible screeching under the hood. I turned my camping gear-packed ...

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Where the Blacktop Ends

Tent in mountainous landscape.

One extra-long Labor Day weekend, my brother Scott and I unexpectedly drove nearly 1,000 miles in three days, hiking, camping, and wandering at will across a vast swath of public lands in northcentral Idaho. Our goal was pretty simple. See ...

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Bears Ears or Bust

Photo of Utah at sunset.

Getting lost on the way to the trailhead was the first sign that this wasn’t going to be your typical Utah spring break backpacking trip. Eventually we got back on the right road up towards Bears Ears Pass. When the ...

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What the River Says

Photo of paddler on the Spokane River by Aaron Theisen.

The night after celebrating my son’s second birthday along the swift, milky-emerald current of the Spokane River, a bout of insomnia had me phone surfing about rivers, and in particular, the one that runs through our city. The late-night search ...

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Out There Challenge

Team OTM at the end of the Spokane 2 Sandpoint Relay Run.

I sat more and moved less this winter than just about any other time in my life. A hefty work load, learning to be a parent, and an endless plague of family colds meant way less time outside. I joked ...

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Spring Fever

As a kid, flying was easy. Every so often I would simply go to sleep and dreams of lifting off the sidewalk up and over the fence and lilac bushes of my childhood home would take over. I can still ...

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Winter Adventure

I woke up that first morning of the trip to the still dark walls of my tent and the strangest sound I have ever heard in nature. It was well after dark when we arrived at our remote beach-front campsite ...

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Standing Up for the Great Outdoors

No matter who you voted for or how you view the election results, there’s no denying that the United States is more divided now than at any time in recent history. Family members and long-time friends are feuding on Facebook ...

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Saving Trails

Hikers enjoy the sunshine along the Snake River Trail. Photo: Aaron Theisen

An OTM contributor recently informed me (only half seriously, I think) that he didn’t appreciate coverage we gave to a few of his favorite trails via articles in our September issue. More attention to once lesser-known places, the argument goes, ...

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Caution: Pine Needles May be Sharper than They Appear

Our 11-month old son bounced happily in his pack as we hiked along the Bluff. I have spent countless hours biking the trails off of Spokane’s South Hill over the years, but hiking them with an extra 25 pounds of ...

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