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The Value of Recreation: a Conversation with Jon Snyder

Photo of Jon Snyder at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle.

Jon Snyder, former Spokane City Councilman and Out There Monthly founder, has served as Washington State’s Outdoor Recreation and Economic Development Policy Advisor for over a year now, and I recently caught up with him over a ginger beer at ...

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Parkour // Recess for Grownups and Kids

Straight though it may be, the shortest distance between two points isn’t always flat or easily navigable. Most people would avoid a wall, boulder, or railing by walking around it. But, argue the growing community of worldwide parkour enthusiasts, where’s ...

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Winter Birding: More Exciting Than It Sounds

Lindell Haggin, an avid birder and Spokane Audubon Society treasurer, narrows the scope of her bird-watching to her North Spokane backyard during the cold months. “A lot of people don’t realize how many birds are around. I’ll get up to ...

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In-Town Ideas for Staying Active This Winter

Every Sunday morning without fail, a hodgepodge of experienced players and newbies gathers to play Ultimate Frisbee at Wentel Grant Park in Vinegar Flats. Neither knee-deep snow nor Christmas falling on a Sunday is cause to cancel a game. Sometimes ...

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The Best City Park You’ve Never Heard of: Drumheller Springs

Perhaps, like me, you’ve caught brief glimpses of a mysterious, wooded slope as you cruise up and down Ash Street north of downtown Spokane. I’ve long assumed it was just someone’s yard. In fact, that’s Drumheller Springs. There, trails wind ...

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Getting Cardio When the Air Quality is Bad

Those midsummer blood-red sunsets in Spokane carry bittersweet beauty — they’re usually a sign of high levels of fine smoke or dust particles. During those times, and throughout the summer, experts recommend checking the air quality when planning an outdoor ...

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Regional Clubs Offer Midweek Options for Easy In-town Running

The Inland Northwest is a region of runners, evidenced by its many running clubs. There’s something for everyone: Elite women have the Spokane Swifts, elite men have the Spokane Distance Project, trail runners have the Trail Maniacs, and beginner and ...

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Art Gone Wild

When was the last time a landscape spoke to you? Were you marveling at the fields of balsamroot in Riverside State Park? Holding your breath as you pedaled over a trestle on the Hiawatha Trail? Gazing out over Lake Pend ...

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Letter What? Letterboxing Provides New Way to Experience Familiar Spaces

Adventure. New places. Family fun. Creativity. If any of that sounds enticing, it might be a great time to start letterboxing. No, this isn’t what your mail carrier does with rival mail carriers. It’s a hobby with roots in England ...

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