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Foodphobia: Why Your Friends Don’t Cook for You

Photo of dinner party.

People generally want to be good and generous. I know this truth because when they invite me over, they say kind things like, “Is there anything you don’t eat?” This is not the language of “Lord of the Flies.” These ...

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Ballhead Waterleaf

Some plants ‘speak’ louder than others, standing out in an eye-catching way. The first time we walked into a patch of flowering camas, I said to my partner, “that must be camas!” They were a caricature of themselves — vibrant, ...

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Summertime Rolls: Have Way Too Much Fun Riding to a Community Festival

Photo of bikers by Shallan Knowles.

Why do children always seem to be smiling on their bikes? Maybe it’s because they haven’t forgotten how much fun it is, and they know this truth: Hopping on a two-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle means relishing in the simple, joyous freedom ...

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Fresh Air Parenting

Photo of kids playing by Amy Silbernagel McCaffree.

Fresh-Air Parenting, coined by outdoor writer Katie Arnold in a May 2015 “Outside Magazine” article, asserts that “Letting [children] embrace freedom involves a fair amount of hovering,” and lies along the spectrum between helicopter parenting and free-range parenting. Fresh-air parenting ...

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Time to Close the Gap

Photo of female bikers.

Look no further than Spokane streets, bike shops and riding clubs for evidence of the massive gender imbalance across the nation in bicycling. Why don’t more women ride? Well, it’s complicated. Yet, it’s everyone’s problem. When fewer women bike, public ...

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Bears Ears or Bust

Photo of Utah at sunset.

Getting lost on the way to the trailhead was the first sign that this wasn’t going to be your typical Utah spring break backpacking trip. Eventually we got back on the right road up towards Bears Ears Pass. When the ...

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Kootenai Falls

Photo of Kootenai Falls foot bridge by Holly Weiler.

The Pacific Northwest has been setting precipitation records since last October, leaving normally dry trails muddy and damaged by erosion. Avoid those trails, and seek out a trail where water is the main attraction. As the largest undammed waterfall in ...

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The Ever Changing Radius

At age 18, to impress a girl on the track team, I went for my first run. Dressed in a ratty pair of gym shorts and a white t-shirt, I headed out. After a quarter mile, I stopped, turned around, ...

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The State of the Spokane River

Photo courtesy of the Spokane Riverkeeper.

You never step in the same river twice, goes the ancient saying. True enough. The Spokane River is an ever fluctuating, complex system that changes with the community around it AND changes the community around it. At one time, the ...

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Critters in the City: Downtown Spokane’s Urban Wildlife Hikes

Photo of river otters by Kyle Merritt.

Eating sushi or sipping craft cocktails at a city café isn’t the typical start to a wildlife watching hike, but downtown Spokane is unique in that regard. Both the Spokane River and Latah Creek serve as wildlife corridors for a ...

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