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Bike Everywhere in May with Friends

Photo of Spokane Bike to Work Week kickoff party.

May has long been nationally recognized as “Bike Month” thanks to the League of American Bicyclists. This includes Bike to Work Week, Bike to School Day, and a whole host of bike-centric activities. Cyclists who hang up their spokes for ...

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Deep Creek Loop in Riverside State Park

Photo by Holly Weiler.

For many people in the Inland Northwest, finishing Bloomsday is a rite of passage. As a former road runner with several Bloomsday finishes, I understand the allure of the race and the festival atmosphere on that first Sunday in May. ...

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Easy Thrills: Tubing the Spokane River

Photo by Amy Silbernagel McCaffree.

Parents like to feel in control, but you can’t control a river. Which is why I was a little nervous to take my young son, 6 years old at the time, tubing on the Spokane River last July.    The trip ...

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What the River Says

Photo of paddler on the Spokane River by Aaron Theisen.

The night after celebrating my son’s second birthday along the swift, milky-emerald current of the Spokane River, a bout of insomnia had me phone surfing about rivers, and in particular, the one that runs through our city. The late-night search ...

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Why I Still Run

Photo of author Brad Thiessen by Adam Harum.

In June 2015, I wrote an article for Out There Monthly called “Why I Run” about training for my first 50k trail run. The run never happened. I was supposed to be shaking my legs out in nervous excitement alongside ...

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Summer Camping Smiles: Create the Ultimate Camping Experience for Your Kids

Photo by Amy Silbernagel McCaffree

Camping provides an immersive, hands-on educational experience for children. To optimize fun while ensuring comfort and leisure, try these tips on your next family camping adventure. Not All Campgrounds Are Created Equal Choose a campground with amenities that best suit ...

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Pedal to The Park: Explore Spokane’s Parks by Bike

Photo by Amy Silbernagel McCaffree.

Hop on your bike and pedal your way to one of these local parks for some simple, no-cost recreational fun. To find the best biking route, go to Srtc.maps.arcgis.com and search for “Spokane Regional Bike Map” to access Spokane’s interactive ...

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The Snowbank Mushroom

Photo of a snowbank mushroom courtesy of Kelly Chadwick.

In celebration of spring, people flock to their secret locations in search of morels. They start hunting weeks too early, unable to rein in their anticipation. This delusional state reoccurs annually for their entire lifetime. However, there is an antidote, ...

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Coaching Your Child’s Sport

Photo of Shallan Knowles and dad courtesy of Kathy Wilson.

Take a look around, and it’s pretty easy to find a parent coach. Whether it’s coaching soccer, softball, basketball, or football, it seems that many of us have put on that hat, either because we were drawn to it or ...

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Summer Camps Guide

Photo courtesy of Camp Spalding.

Summer is prime time for kids to romp in the woods, get dirty, climb trees, and take new risks. Around the region, there are summer camps devoted to helping children of all ages learn more about nature, camping, science, and ...

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