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Passing the Torch

Photo by Brad Northrup.

As the school year came to a close, my family and I were sitting around the dinner table discussing plans for the summer. Hanging out at the lake, a trip to Seattle, and our annual pilgrimage to Silverwood were all ...

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Shame on Science and the Skinny, Faster, Smarter Pill

There is a phenomenon in journalism where a  fascinating scientific study gets blown out of proportion. For example, many studies show that consumption of collagen aids in health and connective tissues and appears to have a link with reduced inflammation. ...

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Falling in Love with a Pop-Up Tent Trailer

The McCaffrees loaded and ready to go. // Photo: Judd McCaffree

Big Agnes served her purpose well until last summer. My family’s orange and yellow 4-person Big Agnes tent was acquired early in our marriage, four years before our first child was born. Not only did she come with a cool ...

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Down Dog Downtown

Photo of outdoors yoga class in the park by Derrick Knowles.

At the end of a long day, there are plenty of reasonable excuses for skipping a workout: fatigue, evening plans, a growling stomach or simple laziness. But for eight weeks this summer, the cost of a fitness class won’t be ...

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Is Our River Clean?

Photo of Latah Creek erosion pouring into the Spokane River by Jerry White Jr.

When I talk to folks about the river, I can always count on one question: Is the river clean? This can be tough to answer since clean is in the eye of the beholder and can be a point of ...

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Thunder Creek Loop, Colville National Forest

Photo of Priest Lake from Thunder Mountain by Holly Weiler.

Reap the benefits of recent trail improvements (with more to come later this summer) on this long loop hike into the Salmo Priest Wilderness. Enter via Thunder Creek trail #526, where the first two miles are along an old roadbed ...

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Foodphobia: Why Your Friends Don’t Cook for You

Photo of dinner party.

People generally want to be good and generous. I know this truth because when they invite me over, they say kind things like, “Is there anything you don’t eat?” This is not the language of “Lord of the Flies.” These ...

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Ballhead Waterleaf

Some plants ‘speak’ louder than others, standing out in an eye-catching way. The first time we walked into a patch of flowering camas, I said to my partner, “that must be camas!” They were a caricature of themselves — vibrant, ...

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Summertime Rolls: Have Way Too Much Fun Riding to a Community Festival

Photo of bikers by Shallan Knowles.

Why do children always seem to be smiling on their bikes? Maybe it’s because they haven’t forgotten how much fun it is, and they know this truth: Hopping on a two-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle means relishing in the simple, joyous freedom ...

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