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Oregon Outback

Photo by Hank Greer.

I really enjoy the quiet and isolation of bike packing through the countryside. The Oregon Outback Route offers a lot of that. Connecting Klamath Falls with the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia rivers, the Outback route follows rail trail, ...

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Harold Balazs and The Art of Nature

Photo by Derrick Knowles.

Harold Balazs has worked in Spokane for 70 years, creating whimsical, intriguing, and often confounding works of art. They range from large-scale public displays to private commissions in the form of giant doors, tiny address numbers, enamel murals, scores of ...

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The Beverage Market as a Gateway Drug

Photo of coffee by Shallan Knowles.

Both times I’ve consumed energy drinks rank highly in my poor judgment hall-of-fame, right up there with the time in college I dated a guy who thought I was his brother from a past life. Surprisingly, that was not our ...

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Explore Locally

Photo by Amy S. McCaffree.

When competing with iPhones and apps, nature may seem “boring”—but it doesn’t have to be that way. “If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them ...

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Fall Trail Favorites

Photo of Ragged Ridge by Dave Dutro.

Warm weather and longer days make summer a favorite time to run for most people, but I love fall running. Fall colors bring out the best of mother nature in my opinion. I love fall because the days still heat ...

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Signs of River Health to Watch for From Your Float Tube, SUP, or Kayak

Photo of trash pulled from the Spokane River by Jerry White Jr.

Our river is as beautiful as it is alive—especially when an osprey catches a fish in front of you or you spot otters eating crayfish. Then there’s the river floating camaraderie and sharing the day’s adventures over a cold beverage. ...

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Road Trip 2024

Unity, Oregon, was deserted, except for the lone old man on the porch of a ramshackle building who tipped his hat in my direction as I passed by with a terrible screeching under the hood. I turned my camping gear-packed ...

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Bead Lake, Colville National Forest

Photo of Bead Lake by Holly Weiler.

It’s wonderful to save Bead Lake for the shoulder season, when the majority of the boaters have placed their pleasure crafts into winter storage and the mosquitoes have quieted down. There are usually a few warm days in September when ...

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Cherishing Our Public Lands

Photo by Harley McAllister.

Many of my favorite memories took place in some part of our nation’s public lands—lands held in the public trust for the benefit of all citizens. I was reflecting on this just a few weeks ago as three generations of ...

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Lessons Learned Camping with Friends and Their Kids

Photo of families camping together by Amy S. McCaffree.

  What happens when four families—including eight adults and 10 children ages 1-11—go camping together over Memorial Day weekend? Fun, adventure, and lessons learned. Here are fundamental ideas that helped our trip succeed.   Plan a trip with like-minded families. ...

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