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The Van Gogh Ski Crash

Travis Nichols all smiles on an injury-free day in the backcountry. // Photo: Jon Jonckers

The look on Mat’s face told me everything I didn’t want to know. I could feel the blood running down my neck into my shirt, and when I turned my head to look down at my skis, the blood in ...

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Family Fun on Snowshoes

Beccie White's son and his friend snowshoeing at Mt. Spokane State Park. // Photo courtesy of Beccie White.

“Hey, kids, want to float on some deep snow?” This question should get them excited for snowshoeing, one of the easiest and least expensive winter recreation options. Beccie White, of Spokane, and her husband, Chris, started snowshoeing with their two ...

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Winter Birding: More Exciting Than It Sounds

Sharp-shinned Hawk. // Photo: Lindell Haggin

Lindell Haggin, an avid birder and Spokane Audubon Society treasurer, narrows the scope of her bird-watching to her North Spokane backyard during the cold months. “A lot of people don’t realize how many birds are around. I’ll get up to ...

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Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Loop

Find miles of winter hiking on Riverside's signature river hugging singletrack. // Photo: Holly Weiler

I have a favorite loop in Riverside State Park that can be especially nice for mid-winter visits when I’d prefer to run or hike rather than ski or snowshoe. With a base distance of 4.7 miles and so many trail ...

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A Kinder, More Sustainable Approach to New Year’s Resolutions

OTM's New Year's resolution: get out and ride more. // Photo: Bradley Bleck

A few years ago, my doctor cornered me about the smoking habit I’d held onto since college. “It’s more addictive than heroin, you know. It’s really bad for you, you know.” I knew. Alas, guilting one’s captive into giving up ...

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Winter Adventure


I woke up that first morning of the trip to the still dark walls of my tent and the strangest sound I have ever heard in nature. It was well after dark when we arrived at our remote beach-front campsite ...

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A Duct Tape Then Beer Odyssey

Artwork courtesy of The Dirtbag Diaries.

Back in 2007, Fitz Cahall used his tiny bedroom closet in Seattle as a studio to begin recording what would eventually become The Dirtbag Diaries. Over 3 million downloads later, his humble Northwest adventure narratives have grown into one of ...

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Standing Up for the Great Outdoors


No matter who you voted for or how you view the election results, there’s no denying that the United States is more divided now than at any time in recent history. Family members and long-time friends are feuding on Facebook ...

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Five Must-Have Items for Year-Round Outdoor Families


How much gear does an outdoor family need to have fun and stay comfortable outside all year long without breaking the bank and focusing too much on flashy things? These five items top our list. Dedicated play clothes: Equip children ...

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