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The Van Gogh Ski Crash

Travis Nichols all smiles on an injury-free day in the backcountry. // Photo: Jon Jonckers

The look on Mat’s face told me everything I didn’t want to know. I could feel the blood running down my neck into my shirt, and when I turned my head to look down at my skis, the blood in ...

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A Duct Tape Then Beer Odyssey

Artwork courtesy of The Dirtbag Diaries.

Back in 2007, Fitz Cahall used his tiny bedroom closet in Seattle as a studio to begin recording what would eventually become The Dirtbag Diaries. Over 3 million downloads later, his humble Northwest adventure narratives have grown into one of ...

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Sustainable Summits Conference Inspires Responsible Alpine Recreation

A group of climbers hike up to Camp Muir from Paradise. // Photo: Summer Hess

High places inspire me; they challenge my spirit, inspire me to closely observe and participate in the natural world, and serve an essential role in supporting life on this planet. The more time I spend in the mountains, the more ...

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The Family Car: A Conduit for Adventure

The loyal adventure car can start to feel like a member of the family. // Photo: Amy Silbernagel McCaffree

Perhaps it was during a relentless rainstorm at Mount Rainier National Park while sitting in the backseat of my Subaru Outback with my son, when he was 4 months old, when I first realized my grateful attachment. Or maybe it ...

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Honeymoon Camping

Cheers to honeymoon camping! // Photo: Mark Simonds.

Most campsites do not offer pillow menus. Pillow menus make me feel like a queen. And no matter how many Clorox wipes I employ, I can never really get those crusty picnic tables clean. For these and many other reasons, ...

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How Not to Climb a Mountain

The author and her husband, Scott, sharing a summit sunrise. // Photo: Scott McCabe.

Where were you on May 18, 1980? Longtime residents of the Inland Northwest remember that day that Mount St. Helens erupted, blowing 520 million tons of ash into the atmosphere and bringing darkness to the region in the middle of ...

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Seduced by a Wooly Bugger


No matter where your home fishing waters might be, springtime angling is always a challenging time of year to get your fix. While the warm, sunny days keep the creeks and rivers flooded with snowmelt at almost unrecognizable levels, the ...

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Stolen, Pawned, but Not Forgotten

The author with her beloved two-wheeled steed. // Photo courtesy of Erika Prins.

I locked my bike to a lamppost one sunny afternoon in May 2012, and it was gone an hour later when I returned. I know exactly where it is — I even occasionally call to check up on it — ...

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The Ladybugs of Bockman Peak

Convergent ladybugs converging on the summit of Bockman Peak. // Photo: Mikell Bova.

The gentle gray walls of the South Couloir of Bockman Peak, southwest of Libby, Montana, provide just enough protection from the sun so the peak can hold snow late into the ski season. This is where I find myself in ...

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The R in Washington is Silent


“Pronunciation question: Does ‘Iller’ Creek rhyme with ‘miller’ or ‘miler’?” That’s the unassuming question I posted on Facebook last fall, and it was the moment I learned where my active outdoor friends and my grammar geek friends overlap – and ...

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