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Passing the Torch

Photo by Brad Northrup.

As the school year came to a close, my family and I were sitting around the dinner table discussing plans for the summer. Hanging out at the lake, a trip to Seattle, and our annual pilgrimage to Silverwood were all ...

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The Ever Changing Radius

At age 18, to impress a girl on the track team, I went for my first run. Dressed in a ratty pair of gym shorts and a white t-shirt, I headed out. After a quarter mile, I stopped, turned around, ...

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Why I Still Run

Photo of author Brad Thiessen by Adam Harum.

In June 2015, I wrote an article for Out There Monthly called “Why I Run” about training for my first 50k trail run. The run never happened. I was supposed to be shaking my legs out in nervous excitement alongside ...

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Canyon Canoeing at Bonnie Lake

It was midweek halfway through spring when we rumbled along a dusty road south of Cheney with our rented EWU canoe humming atop our station wagon. We reached the put-in spot down wonderfully named Hole-In-the-Ground Road. There, Rock Creek meanders ...

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The Van Gogh Ski Crash

The look on Mat’s face told me everything I didn’t want to know. I could feel the blood running down my neck into my shirt, and when I turned my head to look down at my skis, the blood in ...

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A Duct Tape Then Beer Odyssey

Back in 2007, Fitz Cahall used his tiny bedroom closet in Seattle as a studio to begin recording what would eventually become The Dirtbag Diaries. Over 3 million downloads later, his humble Northwest adventure narratives have grown into one of ...

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Sustainable Summits Conference Inspires Responsible Alpine Recreation

High places inspire me; they challenge my spirit, inspire me to closely observe and participate in the natural world, and serve an essential role in supporting life on this planet. The more time I spend in the mountains, the more ...

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The Family Car: A Conduit for Adventure

Perhaps it was during a relentless rainstorm at Mount Rainier National Park while sitting in the backseat of my Subaru Outback with my son, when he was 4 months old, when I first realized my grateful attachment. Or maybe it ...

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Honeymoon Camping

Most campsites do not offer pillow menus. Pillow menus make me feel like a queen. And no matter how many Clorox wipes I employ, I can never really get those crusty picnic tables clean. For these and many other reasons, ...

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