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Hike of the Month

Bead Lake, Colville National Forest

Photo of Bead Lake by Holly Weiler.

It’s wonderful to save Bead Lake for the shoulder season, when the majority of the boaters have placed their pleasure crafts into winter storage and the mosquitoes have quieted down. There are usually a few warm days in September when ...

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Sherlock Peak, Colville National Forest

Photo of Jeff Lambert by Holly Weiler.

With expansive views of the Selkirks and a wildflower-lined trail, northeast Washington’s Sherlock Peak is an ideal August hike. While Abercrombie, its taller neighbor, receives all of the attention, Sherlock Peak is an equally gorgeous destination. For explorers with a ...

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Thunder Creek Loop, Colville National Forest

Photo of Priest Lake from Thunder Mountain by Holly Weiler.

Reap the benefits of recent trail improvements (with more to come later this summer) on this long loop hike into the Salmo Priest Wilderness. Enter via Thunder Creek trail #526, where the first two miles are along an old roadbed ...

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Kootenai Falls

Photo of Kootenai Falls foot bridge by Holly Weiler.

The Pacific Northwest has been setting precipitation records since last October, leaving normally dry trails muddy and damaged by erosion. Avoid those trails, and seek out a trail where water is the main attraction. As the largest undammed waterfall in ...

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Deep Creek Loop in Riverside State Park

Photo by Holly Weiler.

For many people in the Inland Northwest, finishing Bloomsday is a rite of passage. As a former road runner with several Bloomsday finishes, I understand the allure of the race and the festival atmosphere on that first Sunday in May. ...

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Folsom Farm to Hog Canyon Loop

Photo of Hog Lake Falls by Holly Weiler.

Easy access to both the mountains and the deserts ranks high among the many benefits of living in the Inland Northwest, and April is a month for deserts. While it could still snow at any moment in the higher elevations, ...

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Sherman Point Loop (Sherman Creek Wildlife Area)

The first time I visited the Sherman Creek Wildlife Area, I was delighted by what I found in a location I have never seen described in local guidebooks. Sherman Creek is roaring in the springtime, and with its low elevation, ...

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Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Loop

I have a favorite loop in Riverside State Park that can be especially nice for mid-winter visits when I’d prefer to run or hike rather than ski or snowshoe. With a base distance of 4.7 miles and so many trail ...

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Liberty Lake and Split Creek Loop Plus Falls

December is a fickle month for hiking. Time it right and you may be able to soak up a little sunshine; other times you may just end up soaked. Some favorite local trails can start the day as a skating ...

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Snow Peak Cabin: Colville National Forest

When choosing a fall hike, my biggest considerations are always seeing the best fall colors and finding safe trailhead access in case of changing weather conditions. That last one also suggests a third consideration: keeping myself comfortable and warm, prepared ...

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