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Hike of the Month

Sherman Point Loop (Sherman Creek Wildlife Area)

Early spring views along Lake Roosevelt. // Photo: Holly Weiler

The first time I visited the Sherman Creek Wildlife Area, I was delighted by what I found in a location I have never seen described in local guidebooks. Sherman Creek is roaring in the springtime, and with its low elevation, ...

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Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher Loop

Find miles of winter hiking on Riverside's signature river hugging singletrack. // Photo: Holly Weiler

I have a favorite loop in Riverside State Park that can be especially nice for mid-winter visits when I’d prefer to run or hike rather than ski or snowshoe. With a base distance of 4.7 miles and so many trail ...

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Liberty Lake and Split Creek Loop Plus Falls

Liberty Lake is a winter hiking Shangri-La. // Photo: Holly Weiler

December is a fickle month for hiking. Time it right and you may be able to soak up a little sunshine; other times you may just end up soaked. Some favorite local trails can start the day as a skating ...

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Snow Peak Cabin: Colville National Forest

Larchtopia: all that golden yellow is good for the eyes and warms the soul. // Photo: Holly Weiler.

When choosing a fall hike, my biggest considerations are always seeing the best fall colors and finding safe trailhead access in case of changing weather conditions. That last one also suggests a third consideration: keeping myself comfortable and warm, prepared ...

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Canfield Gulch, Antoine Peak Conservation Area

Liberty Lake sparkles in the distance from an Antoine Peak vantage point. // Photo: Holly Weiler.

Big changes are taking place at Antoine Peak Conservation Area. Purchased in three phases that were completed in 2011, Antoine has long boasted a sizable trail system on its 1,076 acres. However, that trail system has always consisted of former ...

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Elk Creek Falls and Mill Pond, Colville National Forest

You guessed it; Elk Creek Falls. // Photo: Holly Weiler.

While it’s true that waterfall hikes are more spectacular in the full flow of early spring, their cooling properties can be better appreciated on a hot summer day. This hike begins by crossing an open hillside with a good view ...

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Gardner Cave, Crawford State Park

Gardner Cave near the Canadian border makes for a cool summertime "hike." // Photo: Holly Weiler

On average, July is the warmest month in Spokane. So what if I told you that you could go on a hike where you were guaranteed to experience 39 degrees Fahrenheit, even on the hottest July day? When the local ...

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Quartzite Mountain (Colville National Forest)

Looking down at Chewelah and the Colville River Valley from the Quartzite wild country near 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort. Photo: Holly Weiler

Quartzite is one of the most prominent natural roadside features of the drive north on Highway 395, where the rocky outcroppings form a gorgeous backdrop for the town of Chewelah. The only way to improve the view is to climb ...

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Wenaha River Trail (Blue Mountains, Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness)

Photo: Holly Weiler

For years I ignored the lonely Blue Mountains in favor of forever heading north for hiking and backpacking fun. Fortunately, I recently came to my senses: the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness in the Blues is no farther than many of my favorite ...

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Dishman Hills Natural Area (Spokane)

A walk in the Dishman Hills is a hike that just about anyone can enjoy. Photo: Holly Weiler

The Dishman Hills Natural Area is a fantastic close-in hike at any time of year, but it is never more beautiful than in the early spring as the wildflowers begin to emerge. This year the Dishman Hills Conservancy celebrates half ...

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