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Gear Flashback: A Gaiter Love Story

Young sporting his trusty gaiters. // Photo: S. Michael Bennett

Two months after we moved to Coeur d’Alene in 2008, the Inland Northwest received a heavy dump of fluffy snow. The morning after, my husband Young donned his cane snowshoes and vintage Outdoor Research Crocodile Gore-Tex and Cordura gaiters and ...

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Winter Adventure Gear: Jogging Stroller Bar Mitts


Before I ever decided to procreate, I never would have believed that one day I would be pushing my 30-pound progeny through ice, slush and snow in a high-tech stroller/bike cart/jogging stroller that’s more structurally sound than most of the ...

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Winter Adventure Gear: OTBT Providence Sneaker


These flat, stylish women’s sneakers are crafted with leather and rich fabrics and have a fabulous rear-entry Velcro closure that allows for easy tightening around the ankles. They are super warm and have surprisingly good traction, making them perfect for ...

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Winter Adventure Gear: Pearl Izumi Softshell Elite MTB Shoe Cover


I once went into a bike shop looking for some piece of gear to keep my toes from going numb while riding in the winter and had a shop mechanic suggest stuffing newspaper into my riding shoes. I appreciated the ...

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Winter Adventure Gear: Saucony Omni Reflex Running Tight


I asked for running tights for Christmas because I was tired of my legs freezing while sporting my usual 1990s grunge era shorts and long underwear running outfit, and this pair specifically because they are highly visible in the dark, ...

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Winter Adventure Gear: Oboz Bridger Insulated BDry Boot


It’s not easy to find a boot that can be everything in the winter. Unless you wear this one. I demoed these boots (with a touch of feminine fluff at the top) in a few real life scenarios: hiking, shoveling ...

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Ingenious Products for Lady Cyclists


Female cyclists rock at finding ways to bike in comfort and style. For the most part, bicycling-specific products aren’t even necessary. One OTM reader suggested cutting off the feet of tall socks to make cozy legwarmers. Another just throws standard-issue ...

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Gear for the Holidays: Tepui Gear Bags


The Tepui Expedition Series Gear Bag is a rugged, duffle bag-style gear hauler designed to be used and stand up to the abuse that outdoor adventures dish out. The large compartment holds a ton of gear and clothing and is ...

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Gear for the Holidays: Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 Original Chair


These super light, highly packable camp chairs are great for backpacking and even day hikes or mountain bike rides where you want a comfy place to sit for lunch. The HEX 2.0 rolls up tight and includes a built-in strap ...

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Gear for the Holidays: Scrubba Wash Bag


Down under-based Scrubba bills itself as the world’s smallest washing machine. At less than 5oz., this ultra-portable clothes washing bag is packable enough to take on any of your multi-day camping, hiking or biking trip stinky gear and is a ...

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