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The Beverage Market as a Gateway Drug

Photo of coffee by Shallan Knowles.

Both times I’ve consumed energy drinks rank highly in my poor judgment hall-of-fame, right up there with the time in college I dated a guy who thought I was his brother from a past life. Surprisingly, that was not our ...

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Fitness Training with Your Own DIY Multi-Sport Challenges

Photo of swimmer by Summer Hess.

The number of race options in the world is enough to excite and, in some cases, overwhelm athletes. There are road races, themed races like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Color Me Rad, charity races like Race for the ...

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Wild Herbal Harvests to Improve Your Health

Photo of Arnica flowers by Suzanne Tabert.

After a long winter, the lushness of late spring has arrived, and it is breathtaking here in the Pacific Northwest. The leaves of plants are fully grown, flowers abound, and the rapid growth is astounding. Where snow, dirt, dead sticks ...

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Your Microbiome: More Than Just a Trendy Term

Take a look at your belly. There is some skin, a layer of adipose tissue (some of us may have more than others), some muscle, and then below all of that are several feet of small and large intestine, all ...

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Five Beginner Yoga Poses for Runners

Over the past few years I’ve vacillated between running and climbing, but I always seem to hit a plateau that prevents me from making gains in either sport. I’ve watched my friends improve their flexibility and strength by incorporating yoga ...

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Boutique Fitness: From Resistance to Respect

This is what individualized fitness looks like.

It is no secret that I am resistant to just about everything except coffee and cookies. As a health care practitioner, I feel it my civic duty to scrutinize every supplement, ingredient, therapy, protocol, and medication until I can confirm ...

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Out There Contributor Ammi Midstokke to Give Talks at Great Outdoors & Bike Expo (Feb. 18)

Sandpoint-based writer, adventure mom, nutritional therapy practitioner, and Out There Monthly columnist Ammi Midstokke will be giving two presentations on Saturday, February 18 as part of the Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo. Her first talk, titled “Nutrition for Hikers, ...

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Pantry Fuel Stocks Spokane Cupboards with Healthy Meals

Jennifer Van Cott talks faster whenever she talks about Pantry Fuel. She is an athlete, a coach, and a chef, and Pantry Fuel merges her love for good food with her passion for fitness and adventure. A few years back, ...

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Resolving for Change: Small Steps to Better Nutrition

Every year, when the New Year rolls around, we find ourselves motivated to create change. Some of us are motivated by the 10 pounds of fruit cake and mulled wine we put on. Others, I suspect, are motivated by a ...

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Preserving Mental Health During the Dark, Cold Months

When the characters on Game of Thrones speak their ominous mantra, “Winter is coming,” Spokanites totally get it. Local anxiety over the shortening days slips its way into weather talk each year well before the first crimson leaf hits the ...

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