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Out There Contributor Ammi Midstokke to Give Talks at Great Outdoors & Bike Expo (Feb. 18)

Ammi 2017

Sandpoint-based writer, adventure mom, nutritional therapy practitioner, and Out There Monthly columnist Ammi Midstokke will be giving two presentations on Saturday, February 18 as part of the Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo. Her first talk, titled “Nutrition for Hikers, ...

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Pantry Fuel Stocks Spokane Cupboards with Healthy Meals

Photo courtesy of Pantry Fuel.

Jennifer Van Cott talks faster whenever she talks about Pantry Fuel. She is an athlete, a coach, and a chef, and Pantry Fuel merges her love for good food with her passion for fitness and adventure. A few years back, ...

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Resolving for Change: Small Steps to Better Nutrition


Every year, when the New Year rolls around, we find ourselves motivated to create change. Some of us are motivated by the 10 pounds of fruit cake and mulled wine we put on. Others, I suspect, are motivated by a ...

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Preserving Mental Health During the Dark, Cold Months

Cats and tea can ward off depression. // Illustration by Erika Prins Simonds

When the characters on Game of Thrones speak their ominous mantra, “Winter is coming,” Spokanites totally get it. Local anxiety over the shortening days slips its way into weather talk each year well before the first crimson leaf hits the ...

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Eating Carbohydrates and Other Dirty Secrets


It was some time ago that the world was exposed to the evils of carbohydrates. Unbeknownst to those of us living on low-fat, high-pasta diets, we had misplaced our fear in the wrong macronutrient. With the quality of “scientific journalism” ...

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Your River, Your Aquifer: Protection through Water Reclamation

Learn how our wastewater is treated at a Spokane County Water Reclamation Facility tour (Sponsored Post)

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you care about the Spokane River, and if you’re an Inland NW resident, you also care about the area’s valuable aquifer – Spokane’s drinking water source.  Human impacts on these natural resources come in many ...

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Local Sports Medicine Innovations Offer New Options for Athletes with Sports-related Injuries

The author trying out the Anti-Gravity Treadmill at the new Rockwood Sports Medicine Clinic on Spokane's South Hill

Athletes with sports-related injuries can’t help but feel morose over both the setback to their performance and the inevitable multiple trips back and forth to various surgeons, therapists, and other experts. The new Rockwood Integrated Sports Medicine Clinic on Spokane’s ...

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When More Is Not Better: Explaining Portion Control to a Gluttonous Nation


Whenever those science peeps in lab coats learn how to condense appropriately nourishing meals, the tradition of cooking, and the socializing of eating into a single pill, I’m gonna buy that. But until then, we all have to choose what ...

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To Booze or Not to Booze, That Is the Question


Six months ago, I decided to stop drinking alcohol for a year. Surprisingly, this was not inspired by a DUI, drunk dialing an ex-boyfriend, or one of those hangovers that has me queasy at the thought of tequila. It was ...

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The Hydration Equation


There is a common misconception that hydration is only about how much water you drink. While water is a key part of hydration, the true equation is water + electrolytes = hydration. In the midst of this outdoor season, it’s ...

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