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Photo of tree-lined road and mountain in the distance.

When the snow melts and little pops of green start appearing on bare tree branches, I start itching with the need to take a trip to the coast. I have very little desire to do more than throw a couple ...

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Fall is the Perfect Time for a Selkirk Loop Road Trip

I arrived at the trailhead to St. Leon Hot Springs, in British Columbia’s Arrow Lakes Valley – unsigned and accessed by a rough logging road, like many such Canadian destinations – just as a local painter and her guests were ...

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Nelson, B.C. & Ainsworth Hot Springs Road Trip

Skiing and snowboarding may not be for everyone, but who wouldn’t love to sink shoulder deep in mineral-rich hot springs water with an amazing lake and mountain view spread out before you? A road trip to Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort ...

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Hot Spring Hopping Around Idaho and Oregon

There are two kinds of people: those who enjoy soaking in their own and others’ grime in hot tubs, and those who don’t. I love a hot shower, but baths – chlorinated or bubbled or otherwise – just aren’t my ...

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Fall Brings Wild Times without the Crowds in Yellowstone

In his essay “Nature,” Ralph Waldo Emerson writes “Nature never wears a mean appearance.”  Nowhere is this truer than in Yellowstone National Park, which is why it attracts more than 3 million visitors annually. Those who visit in the fall ...

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Surf City Montana: Give River Surfing a Try in Downtown Missoula

2,000 cubic feet of water rushed and roiled past Drae Howell every second as he stood, poised with surfboard in hand, ready to jump into the fast current of the Clark Fork River. He leaps as he throws down his ...

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Kaslo, B.C. and Kootenay Lake Paddling

For years, friends have been telling us, “You should go to Nelson for your next vacation!” and “You would LOVE Nelson! It’s so like you guys.” Instead, my husband Young and I visited Missoula (easier), Portland (foodier) and Seattle (for ...

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Western Montana Road Trip: Art, Nature, Hot Springs and Adventure

Take a weekend to “re-boot” your life on a road trip through western Montana and the towns of Hot Springs and Arlee, both on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Discover art, nature, and hot springs across glorious landscapes and different cultures ...

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