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Moscow Mountain: The Making of a Mountain Bike Mecca

Photo of Moscow Mountain by Paul Chisholm.

If you’ve ever been to Moscow, Idaho, you’ve seen it. And if you’ve lived there, you’ve probably been on it. Moscow Mountain—a long, 5,000-foot-high ridge rising from a sea of rolling hills—dominates the Palouse skyline. During the summer, mountain bikers, ...

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Cycling in Tri-Cities, Washington

Tri-Cities, Washington, is an outdoor recreational paradise thanks to the region’s more than 300 days of sunshine and endless open spaces. The Columbia, Snake, and Yakima rivers that wind through the community offer opportunities for water skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, ...

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Eastside-Westside I-90 Adventure Detours

Photo by Summer Hess.

Binge driving from Spokane to Seattle and back in a weekend can desensitize us to the beauty of central Washington and the I-90 corridor. But once a year it’s worth tapping the brakes on the east-west blitz. Adding a day ...

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Peak Bagging in the Wallowas

Photo of Matterhorn by Paul Chisholm.

The scene that greeted us in Joseph, Oregon, wasn’t the one we expected. Sure, the snowcapped peaks loomed over the quaint, old-timey storefront—vestiges of the town’s history as a timber and agriculture hub. But there were also cars—old, impossibly shiny ...

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Gold Creek: An Adventure Lodge on Lake Pend Oreille

Photo by S. Michael Bennett.

Tucked away in the woods just two miles from where Gold Creek splashes into Lake Pend Oreille sits an exceptional retreat: the Gold Creek Lodge. The almost ghost town of Lakeview is close by, a reminder of the gold rush ...

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Find Authentic Adventure on the PNW Coast in Westport, Washington

Photo by Phil Linden.

There are plenty of places along the Pacific Northwest coast to experience run-of-the-mill tourist beach town amenities for people who are only looking to drive the local sites, poke around polished tourist traps, and maybe do a little beachcombing. Visiting ...

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Road Trip 2024

Unity, Oregon, was deserted, except for the lone old man on the porch of a ramshackle building who tipped his hat in my direction as I passed by with a terrible screeching under the hood. I turned my camping gear-packed ...

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Ten Ways to Explore the Silver Valley This Fall

Photo courtesy of the Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Idaho’s Silver Valley is known for its rich mining history and rugged landscape. With 87% of Shoshone County classified as “forest uplands” and less than 1% as urban or developed, the Silver Valley is an ideal place for the outdoor ...

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Wild Times in the Grand Canyon

Photo of the author courtesy of Ammi Midstokke.

  “We got smashed last night,” the girl says as she pulls long on her cigarette, trying to get a last drag in before we start our descent down the Angel Bright trail. You know a trip is going to ...

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