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What’s Your Gear?

What’s your Gear: Angie Dierdorff

Angie Runs with her dog, Honey, in the Garland Neighborhood.

“I had a mental block about beginning again at the age of 45—I thought that it would be too hard and I would feel discouraged, and give up before I had really given it the time a new routine takes ...

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What’s Your Gear?: Distance Running, Heather Le Friec

“RUNNING IS MY LIFE,” says 40-year-old Heather Le Friec. For some runners, this might be an exaggerated self-assessment, but for her it’s not. As she explains, “My husband, Andy, is an avid runner. I’m a Fitness & Health teacher and ...

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What’s Your Gear? Mark Beattie, Telemark Skiing

“I STARTED TELEMARK BECAUSE I was getting bored with alpine and just skiing inbounds. I guess I wanted more of an adventure,” says Mark Beattie, now a 30-year veteran of the sport. “I am apparently built for telemark—my knees feel ...

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What’s Your Gear? Ryan Kerrigan, Whitewater Rafting

Floating down Ecuador’s Pindo River in a cheap inflatable raft with his brothers when he was seven years old was Ryan Kerrigan’s first rafting experience. They all survived—the rapids were no greater than class II. Now, at age 32, Ryan ...

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What’s Your Gear? Chuck Schmidt, Snowboarding

“SNOWBOARDING WAS NEVER MEANT to be about you and how cool you are,” says Chuck Schmidt, whose hometown is Coeur d’Alene. “It’s about shredding and having fun.” As a 14-year-old kid, he says, “I found out there were such things ...

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What’s Your Gear? TGR CAMERAMAN

AS THE SUPERVISING PRODUCER and one of the Principle Cinematographers for Teton Gravity Research, Josh Nielsen (a native of Vancouver, WA) ushers nascent ski/snowboard films through development, filming, and post-production. When you work for a company that films outdoor action ...

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What’s Your Gear? Jaime Reese

Currently ranked fourth in USA Pro Women’s Cycling and 92nd in UCI World, Jaime Reese, age 31, is a hometown athlete to brag about. She graduated from University High School, and then attended WSU on an athletic scholarship in Track ...

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What’s Your Gear? Rob Kennedy: Backpacking

Backpacking for a bachelor party? Rob Kennedy did just that with a trip to Hells Canyon with some buddies before getting married on August 27th this summer. “Nothing went as planned,” he says about the trip, but “there was an ...

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What’s Your Gear?: Travis Semler: Fly-Fishing

The book (and movie) A River Runs Through It has inspired many fly fishing fans, especially fathers and sons—like Travis Semler from Spokane, who started fly fishing at the age of ten with his dad. “I like to be in ...

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