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Five Beginner Yoga Poses for Runners

Over the past few years I’ve vacillated between running and climbing, but I always seem to hit a plateau that prevents me from making gains in either sport. I’ve watched my friends improve their flexibility and strength by incorporating yoga ...

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River Yoga

Paddleboard yogis line up in a lunge. Photo: Shallan Knowles

“Push back into child’s pose,” our instructor says. Her soothing yoga voice engages us to soften muscles and minds as we settle our hips over our heels, arms extended out in front of us. “Let go of the day behind ...

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Yoga for Climbers: Poses to Add to Your Rockside Ritual

Cross your legs, right leg on top, and take your left hand behind back to the small of your waist, clasping the right. Photo: Benjamin Zmuda

Yoga for climbers can be active, gentle or a combination of both, depending on whether it is used for cross-training, recovery or just warm-up. Climbers have their own rockside rituals, and many stretches will be variations of what yogis recognize from ...

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Right Hand Blue—Yoga for the Resisters

Yoga sometimes looks like a good game of Twister. Photo: Fiona Hicks

There are few things I have resisted as staunchly in my life as Zumba, eating liver, and practicing yoga. As far as I could tell, yoga was just a bunch of people doing head stands in Lycra, and other than ...

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